God Provides Distinctions to Help Us Choose Him, Particularly in Light of Likely End Times

The following is a longer message focused on walking with the Lord based upon my experience to date. I pray it may help and or encourage you. God is always good and has the perfect plan for our life here and for all eternity if we receive Him as our Lord and Savior. The last portion touches on an update of the world situation and its progression in apparent accord with Bible prophecy.
Walking with the Lord
God is a creative and personal God. God created us for His pleasure (Rv 4:11, Col 1:16), i.e. out of His goodness and to be in an intimate relationship with Him while glorifying and exalting Him. We can only glorify God if we know Him, what He is like, and what pleases Him. The only time God says we can boast, is in boasting of His character and what He has done and continues to do for us (Jer 9:23-24). For I know I can do nothing good, only His Spirit living inside me enables me to do anything of eternal value (John 15:5), so I rejoice in the Lord! (1Th 5:16-18, Php 4:4) God is holy – an infinite goodness and righteousness we cannot fully comprehend (Is 55:8-9). God wants His children to be in an intimate relationship with Him as soon as possible, especially before Jesus returns, and to continually increase in our understanding of Him (He 11:6) while having an abundant life through Him beginning now (i.e. His Spirit living in us enables this to occur once we are saved, Jn 10:10, Gal 2:20).


Our Maker did not create us in a way that we would only choose God, as a programmed “robot.”  He knows His image-bearing creatures must be free, as He is, to choose / love / obey Him or not, and to know / experience the consequences of that choice since He is holy. God gave us the chance to be in a relationship free from sin / evil in Adam and Eve. But they, as we would also have done, chose to disobey God’s one prohibition of eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. As God warned them, in that disobedience they would surely die (Ge 2:17), i.e. be separated from God – be separated from His love, since God is love (1Jn 4:8).


God had and has every right to destroy all of mankind by sending us to hell now due to our disobedience (Ro 6:23), but in His compassion (Ps 135:14) He chose to save some of us (Ro 8:29). God, of course, knew this would happen before history (His story) began (Ep 1:3-6), but could it also be God knew this was the best way to create mankind made in His image, by allowing man to choose Him or not, a choice that could likely only be made by His Image-bearing creatures first sinfully desiring (instead of trusting and obeying God completely) to know both options regardless of God’s warning / commandment concerning the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that is:  option 1: trust and choose Him alone (life), or option 2: disobey our Creator / Owner to also know evil (death). This knowledge (which is likely best understood through experience) of good and evil we sought in the Garden of Eden, we now know as sin through experience every day until Christ takes His believers / followers home to Himself.


Thus, the Bible lays out when, why, and how we got to our sinful state, and the sole cure for it, calling on Jesus to save us and trusting only in Him (Ep 2:8-9) as the Lord of our lives and Savior from our sinful state by His faithfulness to transform our hearts over time on this earth to His likeness (holiness) while in relationship with Him (through worshiping Him, Bible-reading, prayer, church teaching and fellowship, serving Him) beginning at the time we receive Him as our Lord and Savior. This is when Jesus begins showing us how to live a truly abundant (joy-filled, content in His faithfulness and loving kindness, peaceful, loving, self-denying, sacrificing) life, not a worldly life. So the Lord will always help us to live the abundant life if we rely upon / have faith in Him to make it happen in us and we then learn as we watch Him incrementally transform us through our deep relationship with Him. It’s amazing and joyous to see Him do this in us. Our faith in God that He will do this in us pleases God (He 11:6).


The Bible tells us how this world ends and the eternity to follow, either in a joyful life with God in the new heaven and new earth for all who call on Him to save them (Ro 10:13), or a life of continual and conscious torment in hell. Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself on the cross is the payment God accepts for the sins of those who believe on and follow Him (1Jn 2:2, 2Pe 2:1) and it reconciles us to once again be in an eternal relationship with our loving God (2Cor 5:18-19, Col 1:20, Ro 5:1); a debt we can never repay and are eternally grateful for His love to do this in spite of our sinful disobedience (Ro 5:8).


God begins developing His pure love in us (1Jn 4:19) when we believe on Him / are saved. It is a deep, perfect, self-denying love we cannot obtain without first receiving Him and letting Him change our heart. This is a life long process in which His Holy Spirit “shows” our spirit how to live life for God, i.e. over time He conforms us to the image of His Son as we become more holy and ultimately culminates in sinless living after we’re home with Christ at our death or rapture.  During our walk on this world, He grows our love for Him to be greater than anything else we love in creation as we get to know Him better, and He also grows a love in us for our fellow man at the same level we have for ourselves (Mt 22:37-40), and preferably a greater love for others than we have for ourselves (Jn 15:13, 1Jn 3:16). Again, God the Father does this as He conforms us to the Image of His holy Son, Jesus.


God tells us, I put before you life and death, choose life (Dt 30:19).


What examples of good and evil is our God “of second chances” (remember we all deserve to be in hell right now) placing before us at this point in His story for us to decide whether to choose Him and life, or death and hell?  It is important to choose now if you haven’t yet, as more and more believers understand the time and season for Jesus’ return are occurring now. Also, we never know when God will allow our life to end.


Some distinctions God places before us also highlight the love of much of mankind increasingly growing colder as prophesied (Mt 24:12):


Good vs. Evil (i.e. the lack of goodness, God)
God’s blessing, in His time, of those countries which bless Israel and or honor Him, vs. cursing of those which curse Israel


Pro-life vs. Pro-choice


Behavior of Trump administration vs. that of Obama, Clintons, Bush’s, etc.


E.g., God using Pres. Trump to offer life, security, prosperity to N. Korea’s people after forcing Kim to the table through sanctions vs. continued isolation of N. Korea and Kim’s evil treatment of them


Transparency vs. deceitful secrets beginning to just now be uncovered or exposed across many levels of governments in the world


Integrity vs. no follow through – only “lip service” (lying)


Today’s powerful governments (Executive branch primarily) of e.g. USA / Israel vs. e.g. EU and UK/China/Russia etc.


Judaeo-Christian values vs. “world’s values” (Satan’s world system capitalizing on man’s sinful flesh / nature, e.g.: “liberal,” secular, agnostic, atheistic, cultist, selfish values, etc.)


Followers of Christ vs. followers of man-made and or man-focused religious systems (cults) inspired by Satan


Bible-based teaching vs. apostasy, false teaching – it is always important to read the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand it as man is flawed and cannot always be relied upon to teach / preach to us correctly all the time. Many Bible-preaching teachers will advise their congregations to check their message against what the Bible says. We get the added benefit of knowing God better too, a magnificent blessing God expects of us during our walk with Him. The Bible, after all, are God’s words He had written for us to know Him and enable us to work with Him during His plan of salvation for the world.


Freedom of religion and speech vs. its repression


Truth vs. deceit (intentional lying) – e.g. How can the globalists orchestrate the impeachment of a legitimately elected President for which there is no evidence of collusion and spend over $17M and over a year of investigation while illegally acquiring (spying, raids) and investigating areas not authorized in its charter?


Equality for all vs. partiality / privileged elite group of people


Nationalism vs. globalism (God loves the nations He created after Babel, and will only allow an eternal world leader, Christ, to take power after He destroys the anti-Christ)


Operating in good faith and truth vs. distractions (i.e. many of the above characteristics are embodied in the child-like, deceit-filled tactics of globalists / “progressives,” including ridiculous discussions focused on bias-laden attacks and slanderous propositions equivalent to maturity levels ranging from misbehaving kindergartners to junior high school students)


In other words, respect and sincere, truthful dialogue vs. personal and vulgar attacks, attacks based upon lies and fabricated information targeting others to distract, discredit, and or destroy their legitimacy




Geo-Political Situation and Potential for Natural Disasters
We’ve seen many of these God-ordained good vs. evil contrasts throughout history, but they appear to be becoming more pronounced. In the Middle East, Europe, Russia, China, and the USA it is continually becoming clearer how geo-political and economic events are likely lining up in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Earlier messages below highlight this, and all indications continue to more clearly support prophecy of Christ’s return for us (the Rapture) during our life time. In a nutshell:


        USA:  President Trump continues to fulfill his promises to the best of his maturing ability, and in spite of increasing headwinds given his additional focus on enforcing our laws, including those broken by past administrations, government bureaucrats, elected officials, and other globalists. President Trump understands our greatest threat today is our financial standing; hence, his focus on improving our economy via reduced regulation and taxes, and fair trade. He is also expertly addressing a multitude of other threats to our national security. I pray God will continue to guide and bless him and our country. Time will tell whether the globalists will risk geo-political crises intervention and or force economic collapse (credit bubbles..) to stop President Trump from thwarting their evil intent to control the world.


        Europe:  The EU leaders are globalists and continue working to solidify a united government, economy, and military force (a united religion will follow the chaos later) with increasing control over its populace. The majority of European country leaders are globalists who work with other globalists worldwide, e.g. in the USA and China. EU leaders are working to combat US tariffs and minimize their countries’ business losses in Iran given recent US sanctions against Iran. Globalists’ immigration policies continue to literally destroy Europe’s society, but nationalism continues to emerge and push back in small ways, e.g. even recently in Sweden to a very minor extent.


        Middle East:  The Sunni / Shiite divide continues to fester between Saudi Arabia along with most of its Sunni gulf coast countries and Iran with its proxies in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen. Iran’s religion of radical Islam ensures its regime remains laser-focused on the annihilation of Israel, the USA, and the west in general, potentially through the use of nuclear weapons. Iran persists with terror operations throughout the Levant, and world, to increase its influence and ultimate goal of establishing a Shia-based caliphate.


        Russia / Iran / Turkey (later Sudan and Libya also):   Turkey’s government led by Erdogan is suffering to maintain legitimacy given the collapse of its currency; however, Erdogan will likely scheme to ruthlessly maintain power in spite of his country’s turmoil. A similar situation exists in Iran given US sanctions against Iran. Additionally, Russia has told Iran to move its forces from southern Syria, and European leaders agree. The Iranian people are tired of their regime and continue protesting. Putin continues to see emerging US and Israeli energy exportation as a strategic threat he will need to address in the future. God will likely use these situations to eventually bring Russia, Iran, and Turkey against His people in Israel, as prophesied over 2,500 years ago.


        China:   China continues executing its worldwide strategy for economic and military dominance via its China Dream and One Belt-One Road initiatives and militarization of the S. China Sea. China continues to assert its hegemonic aspirations with localized push-back from Taiwan, Japan, and other Asia-Pacific rim countries under the auspices of international law and the US as a guarantor of such.


        N. Korea:   President Trump is making history through his scheduled meeting with Kim Jung Un this week to plan the de-nuclearization of the Peninsula. It remains a question whether N. Korea will sell its nuclear, chemical, and or biological weapons of mass destruction to other countries, including e.g. Syria (a possible precursor to the prophesied destruction of Damascus).


        Africa:  Africa remains fertile soil for terrorism and illicit activity with powerful countries interested in capitalizing on its strategic resources and trade route locations.


        Natural Disasters:  In addition to geo-political events aligning with prophecy, we’ve seen a steady increase in earthquake and volcanic activity the past several decades, and that which is occurring today in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim clearly illustrates the potential of Jesus’ words in Luke 21:25-28 (when … the seas and waves roaring … begin to happen look up for our rapture is drawing near), Matthew 24 (wars, rumors of wars, threats of wars, but the end is still to come, nation against nation, famines, mega-earthquakes in various places, likened to beginning of birth pangs), Revelation 6:12-14 (every mountain and island was moved out of its place: tsunami, volcanic eruptions with massive tectonic plates sliding as scientists are now predicting), and 8:8-9 (a great mountain burning with fire (a volcano) was thrown into sea, a third of ships and sea life destroyed).  We likely have never seen as clearly how Jesus’ words could come to life as we witness these emerging natural phenomena occurring today.


Hence, we now appear to be in the “calm before the storm” phase, which in itself is another ‘life vs death’ distinction God makes for us: prosperity and security vs. great chaos and unleashed destruction / judgment to come. We don’t know how long the “calm” will last (days, months, years), but all the pieces appear to be falling into place prophetically. I believe it is safe to say the Lord will return in our lifetime if not much sooner. Please receive Him as your Lord and Savior.


Deuteronomy 30:19 – “I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants,”  (God’s words in the New American Standard Bible translation)


May God bless us, and may you choose life now if you have not yet received Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Please share His gospel.


Love in Christ,


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