An Ongoing, Open Email Summarizing One Man’s Walk with Jesus during These Apparent End Times

31 March 2020

Hi y’all,

I hope the following may help in your walk with Jesus or introduce you to Him if you have not yet met Him. Globalists continue through various means to lead the world to a one-world government/economy/religion/etc., likely in our lifetime as discussed below/earlier. It will help bring many to Christ and bring God back into world-focus. I de-emphasized focusing on the news since we know the future, described in the Bible. I now plan to focus on our Creator and His intense desire to restore man, through the gift of His most cherished Son, to the intimate relationship He had with us before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Since retiring from the military in 2015 I’ve been primarily pursuing God. I continue to go deeper in my relationship with Him, this is His desire for mankind now and throughout eternity (Jn 17.3). My growing relationship is of complete dependence upon Him (Jn 15.5) through: fellowship by sitting quietly before Him reading the Bible with the help of His Holy Spirit; worshiping Him, talking with Him, and resting in His care as He leads me (Mt 11.28-30); other Christian brothers and sisters; participation in Bible-preaching, Spirit-led church loving God above all and others as ourselves while sharing the Gospel (Mk 12.29-30, Lk 9.2); various mission trips; imitating Jesus daily while doing life (1Cor 11.1); and studies at Christian universities. Life with God is amazing and sweet. It will be that way eternally (Jn 17.3).

1. God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) created us to live a joy-filled life with Him. We were made to be completely satisfied by Him through intimate relationship with Him beginning once we’re saved, and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The devil deceived Eve, Adam followed her believing God didn’t fully love them, and sin/death entered the world.

2. In the Old Testament God demonstrated that man is evil without a new heart and transformed mind from God and man cannot change his sinful nature and just destination to hell without God doing it for him. Recorded in the New Testament, God gave His only begotten, sinless Son to suffer worse than any man and die and pay the price for our sin for us to be restored to the life God intended for us. The value of His Son is infinite. This tells us how much God loves and values us, if we accept the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins and will follow/imitate Him. God made Himself in flesh to reveal His nature to us (his followers/students, a.k.a. disciples), show us how to live abundantly/be in relationship with God, and pay the price for His disobedient creation so we can again be with Him eternally beginning now (Jn 10.10, 17.3).

3. Those who confess and believe in their heart Jesus is their Lord and Savior (Ro 10.9), i.e., know Him and not just about Him (Jn 5.39-40, Mk 3.14), love/obey/follow Him now (Mt 7.21-23) have eternal life (Jn 17.3), and not just upon our death or Jesus’ return, but at the point of our belief now while living in this world. God gives us a new heart (Ez 11.19) and transforms us by renewing our mind (Ro 12.2) through His Word and fellowship with Him, we learn to completely surrender to His love – selflessly loving God and others while God loves us (Mt 16.24, Lk 9.23), and live by and through the guidance of His Holy Spirit (Ps 143.10, Acts 1.8, Ro 8.14). This is an ongoing process during our life here.

4. During this part of our eternal life with God on earth now, He tells us to share this good news (Gospel) with mankind that they may choose/love/obey Him also. God supernaturally empowers us through His Spirit living in us to confirm His Gospel is from God by healing the sick, casting out demons, resurrecting the dead, prophesying, etc. through us (Jn 14.12, Mt 21.21, Mk 16.15-18), as followers since biblical times have done. God never changes or lies (He 13.8, Mal 3.6, Nu 23.19) and honors His Word (the Bible) even above His name (Ps 138.2). Many friends and I testify to God working through us to heal people and prophesy to show God’s love for them in hope they will believe in and come to know Him. I cannot deny what I know. This is God’s glory alone and His power, love, and sound mind (2Tim 1.7) are available to all who believe and obey Jesus.

5. This life with God brings us peace and joy now, regardless of any painful circumstances, as He conforms us to the Image of His Son before He returns or takes us home to be with Him face to face (1Cor 13.12). Many in the western church in particular believe Jesus will return before the seven years of Tribulation. I don’t believe the Bible necessarily teaches this. If one reads the Bible in context and without pre-conceived thoughts/desires it is possible it is a correct interpretation God will keep us in the world as a light during the Tribulation as He has throughout historic, tragic persecutions of the Church (like Jesus, a living sacrifice) with God/Emanuel being with us to comfort and protect us and not allow us to fall from His hand (Jn 10.28) into eternal wrath in hell (,  We do not have a spirit of fear (2Tim 1.7, He 13.6, Ro 8.15).  Life with God is amazing and the most joy-filled, rewarding life we could ever have. He made us to live it with Him.

Below are some short news snapshots in case of interest.

God bless you, Love you all,

The Bible (Amplified Classic Bible Translation)
Behold Israel Youtube Channel and Twitter: @BeholdIsrael
The White House Youtube Channel and Twitter: @realDonaldTrump
Breitbart News Headlines (minimally reviewed this year)
Lifestyle Christianity University

Syria and Oil / Empire  Russia is using / working with Turkey (wants to reestablish the Ottoman Empire as a caliphate) to secure and expand into Syrian territory for oil resources and regional influence. Christians, Yezidis, and some non-fascist Islamic Arabs are being displaced and killed in the process. Iran, with its proxies, continues attacks against US and / or coalition forces. The US is repositioning forces from Iraq and deploying additional forces to Syria, possibly in preparation for a pre-emptive strike if necessary in the region and possibly to better manage the growing Russian and Turkish invasion into Syria. Iran will try and fill the void created by the US’ departure from Iraq in order to create a ‘land bridge’ from Iran to the Mediterranean.

Iran  Iran likely continues to funnel its dwindling resources from the illegal sale of crude oil and other contributors to its terrorist operations primarily in the region. In addition to severe economic strain to the country, the Iranian regime is under significant stress from COVID-19, with a likely 12,000 deaths to date, including many evil officials and possibly some family members closest to Khomenei. The Iranian regime will continue conducting attacks against US and coalition forces in the region (most recently by the Houthis in Yemen against Riyadh) to meet its longstanding religious and military objectives as well as distract its populace from critical revolutionary pressure against it. Iran plans to retake control of Iraq. Additionally, the Iranian regime is blaming the US and Israel for the COVID-19 as part of a plan to weaken Iran, likely given growing civil unrest against the regime.

Russia  Reportedly, Russia is willing to lower its oil price to force US shale from the market, resulting in higher oil prices overall. The US response is ‘to be determined.’ Russia knows the US’ growing economic and military power will continue if they don’t cooperate with other US “enemies” (Iran, China, Turkey, European and American globalists, etc.) to weaken the US.

China / Corona Virus (COVID-19)  Reportedly, the virus originated in Wuhan, the location of a Chinese biological engineering facility. There is speculation China biologically re-engineered the earlier strain of the corona virus to be less detectable in healthy individuals and thereby allow them to unknowingly spread the contagion abroad. It’s likely China intentionally did not report COVID-19’s internal spread in China for 2-4 weeks thereby allowing it to contaminate countries abroad and begin incubation. Larger, earlier purchases of incinerators in China and satellite detection capabilities are consistent with indications of the cremation of likely up to 40,000 people who died, some brutally, significantly greater than the less than 5,000 reported by China.

Some believe China is using the virus to slow the growing US economy; detract from China’s operations to assimilate Taiwan into China against the Taiwanese people’s wishes and exercise more control over Hong Kong; and weaken and divide the US populace while they partner with mainstream media, education and entertainment institutions, larger corporations, and some US government officials and bureaucrats, including via their deception campaigns. The World Health Organization (WHO) is directly controlled by China so its information and the proposal by Gordon Brown of the UK for the WHO to enforce management of COVID-19’s spread by overruling countries’ sovereignty is even more detrimental to US national security.

There has been talk of expediting a cashless, world economy to help minimize the spread. World Health Organization management of COVID-19, cashless economies, and Bill Gate’s recent membership as a founder of ID 2020 to implant ID microchips in each human on earth, etc. all point to the globalists’, of which China is a lead country, setting the one-world (new world order) government/economy/religion on an accelerated path of implementation.

China continues development of its military (includes some partnership with Russia) and society to rigidly control its populace (social credit system e.g.), poorer countries around the world in and/or with strategic locations/resources (putting them in debt via Chinese infrastructure development there), and the world in close partnership with global elitists.

Israel  The globalists continue to use many of their same methods against Prime Minister Netanyahu, financing various Israeli institutions to deceive their public. After I believe three elections, PM Netanyahu will finally have a majority in the Knesset to form Israel’s next government. God has greatly prospered the Israeli economy and its power to the advantage of the region and God-fearing people. Israel is God’s chosen people (Dt 14.2) and the “apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2.8).

USA  Nothing has changed with the globalists living in the US headed by Soros, Obama, with support from the Clintons, and Bush’s, and many other government, private, and institutional leaders. They continue with orchestrated plans and attempts to unseat a duly elected US President. Current illegal or treasonous and deceptive attempts include the COVID-19 for destruction of economies and indoctrination of US (and world) populace into socialist/communist governance by curtailing US Constitutionally-granted freedoms, continued impeachment discussions, anything to lie about the accomplishments and efforts of the President and his Administration in order to weaken our country. The globalists’ goal remains control and reduction (abortion, vaccines, disease, etc.) of US population through deceptive media, entertainment, social media, education, government, and business entities. I cannot say it much more clearly, if you prefer to be deceived and lied to, continue watching mainstream media alone instead of also taking advantage of current opportunities to go to the “horse’s mouth” to watch and compare unedited YouTube videos, e.g. the White House YouTube and Twitter channels. You can then assess the speaker’s heart directly instead of relying on in most cases false reporting of what was said. Twitter and other social media platforms are politically censored at times by their leaders, but they don’t regularly do it to President Trump’s feeds. There are emerging alternatives to Youtube and Twitter, including Telegram instead of Twitter.

Synopsis  There is no doubt we live in unprecedented times in which the globalists will continue their coordinated efforts, including with e.g. opportunistic Russia, Iran, and N. Korea, to implement one-world control. They believe continued US power to determine the US’ destiny and US support to freedom-seeking peoples is the last obstacle to them ruling the world. The US presidential election is critical to the US near-term future. They will do anything they believe the populace can be deceived of and will overlook to unseat him. Fortunately, President Trump and his Administration believe in God who regularly helps them, us, and other God-fearing and/or freedom-loving peoples. As we know God will also use the devil’s evil ambitions, e.g. COVID-19, for His purposes also, e.g. to possibly weaken some evil forces. 

I continue to believe Jesus will return in our lifetime given current events in the US and world.  The most important thing we can do now is love and trust God and SHARE Him with others while loving them.

As a Christian, it is an exciting time to be alive to shine brightly for God and deny ourselves for His glory by actively loving and praying for others, especially our enemies. God will use ongoing and future events (including His coming revival in large part led by the youth, He loves to show His love / glory by starkly contrasting it with increasing darkness to enlighten others to His good news of restoration / salvation) to bring many more gentiles, and eventually the remaining Jewish population as prophesied in the Bible, to Himself through us with Jesus.


“Satan: I will cause anxiety, fear, and panic. I will shut down businesses, schools, places of worship and sports events. I will cause economic turmoil.

Jesus: I will bring together neighbors, restore the family unit. I will bring dinner back to the kitchen table. I will help people slow down their lives and appreciate what really matters. I will teach my children to rely on me and not the world.”

Excerpt from “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis, 1942